3 secrets that every coach, therapist, and consultant needs to know to sell more high tickets programs online without stress, even if you lack self esteem.

Stop underestimating yourself and claim your worth

For several years, I have met several talented entrepreneurs who had the gift to change lives and change the world. They were able to heal just with a massage, change people’s mindset with their words, reconcile couples with their gift of neutrality, help women entrepreneurs earn more money by using the power of their words.
But what shocks me enormously is that these people underestimate their natural talents, underestimate their natural power, underestimate their natural tool kit of wealth given by God. Always doubting whether they will be able to do it or not meanwhile they are born to change lives
If your job is to help people solve a problem in their life and you do not have an online program that costs at least 10,000 € you are refusing abundance, refusing money, refusing love unconsciously. You’re underestimating the impact you have on your client's lives, you want to serve everyone, you want to extend a hand to everyone but yourself !

Tell me, can we give what we don’t have. Listen to this! Wealth is your birthright; it’s because you used to see rich people who aren’t happy, who aren’t good people, who have drug-addicted kids, who divorce as if they were changing their underwear and are often disturbed by the paparazzi.

Because you don’t want to be that kind of person, you don’t allow money into your life like a flow of water. It is not this kind of wealth I am talking about; I am talking about the true one, which begins in the heart, goes through your bank account, waters your family and your children and supports several charities organisations every month.

Yeah, you need more money to make a real impact in your business. Yes, you need more money to create new solutions in this world where everything has to be redone. Yes, we need more money to create an egalitarian world. It starts with one thing: Claim your value with an irresistible upscale offer.

In 2017, I had bankrupted four companies in the same year, I felt like the whole world was against me and that I would never leave the abyss.
This happened because I wanted to change the lives of my clients through my services, but the profit margin was very small and could not enable me to create a fulfilling life for my family. Behind this failure, the truth was something else. I secretly underestimated myself, I didn’t recognise my worth and I thought that by selling for less than i should, I would be able to serve everyone and get more customers. Results: loss of more than 100,000 Euros.

When I changed my money mindset, I quickly regained financial balance and started a business of more than six (6) figures in less than a year by selling high-end programs. I was no longer afraid to claim my worth and honor my gifts that God gave me to change lives on this planet Earth.

I understood then that we cannot create a more just and balanced world if we do not make peace with money.
That is why my mission is to teach it to entrepreneurs on mission who know they are on this earth to create new opportunities for others.

You can’t do this mission if you’re still contented with the minimum, underestimating your worth and acting like you don’t need more in your life. You need more to delegate tasks, create a system and be only operational in your genius zone.

You need more money to spend more time with your family and avoid the often endless tensions in your  relationship.

This guide is for you if you are:

About Adeline Nintidem

Adeline is Shaman, she helped hundreds of entrepreneurs manifest a life full of abundance by helping them heal their wounded soul and their genealogical family.
CEO of Legacy Creators LTD, a company that helps entrepreneurs grow their business holistically. 
Adeline is the creator of the PowerCreator ™ method which is a system that helps service based professionals to deepen the connection with their spirituality to multiply the results of their business. This base enables them to use their unique gifts to create more than €100,000 in their business through the sales of high-end online programs and the creation of strategic high-tech systems.
She is also the author of the book La Liberté de Briller which shows how every entrepreneur can create the Business of his dreams just by aligning himself with his life mission.
Adeline is Oracle certified for business, and masters energy medicine.

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