Apply to work NOW with us and receive an invitation to an exclusive advanced training on how I and my clients raise our deserve level for making  $50,000 /month  using our spiritual gifts as you also can – stress free.

Establish your business on the path to success to make 50K €/month without spending the whole day on social networks even if you think it's impossible..

The myth of customers on demand.

When I started my coaching and consulting service, I was very happy to have my first clients, to see my schedule overloaded. I was overwhelmed of joy when signing with a new client, I was so happy of finally being able to make money.
My joy was really profound because before this adventure I had closed 3 businesses and I almost found myself living in a room with my 4 kids .
Until one day I started to doubt my ability to serve so many clients. And the more new clients I had the more I was afraid of not being able to take them through the transformation they needed to get to the next level. I had never been so successful in my previous businesses, this way of coaching and consulting was new to me. As I loved my job and knew I was born for it, to change lives, I began to pray not to have any new client ...
That's when I realised I wanted to make at least 250k € but my business wasn't prepared for it and I didn't have the Mindset for it.  You see, probably like you, I thought I was ready to take it to the next level, but my business was not designed to support my goal and I really didn't believe that a business that generated 250K € of sales and income was for me.  Once I figured out what I needed to change in my business and changed my mindset, I went from 5,000 € to at least 25,000 € / months just like that. I changed three things in order to get me out of the hole, and when you will  apply to join PowerCreator Mastermind , I will be sharing my private, advanced training with you that describes exactly what I changed to have a quarter-million-business (and how now I'm helping my clients do same)

I wish someone had shown me earlier the right way to create at least 50K € per month in my business without feeling unworthy of using my gifts and talents ...

When I decided to start a business of over 250k €, it was after being frustrated by my previous failures but I did not know that this transformation journey would awaken in me fears and limits. I was definitely motivated to be successful in coaching, to transform my client's lives, to feel the joy of helping others, to experience financial abundance and to feel useful to the society
The reality was quite something else, because making money using your gifts and talents was new to me, I learned when I was younger that in order to make more money you had to do like the others, watch the competition, innovate and do better than everyone else. Success for me was outside of me, never within.
The fear of not doing things correctly immediately took over my initial motivation, the pain of looking at myself in the mirror and pretending I want to sell my services for more than 10,000 €, I had the feeling of being an impostor because I didn't believe it was possible. I felt unworthy of receiving so much money from others even though I knew it was necessary if I wanted to have a fulfilling and abundant life.
I also doubted my ability to guide my clients through the transformation they needed in order to be successful in their businesses. In my previous businesses, I was selling physical products so I could directly see the value of what I was offering, but in my new role as coach and consultant, my worth was not perceptible to me, and I believed that I was not good enough, not fair enough, not trained enough, not prepared enough, did not have enough knowledge, did not have enough tools and strategies to help others.
You probably understand what I'm saying. when you're a coach, consultant or therapist it's hard to know if the client is satisfied or not, it's not like you're selling gold, everyone sees how it shines unless they are blind.
I realised that the value I gave to others came from within, and so if I wanted this value to shine like gold I had to polish it, make the gold that is in me shine in order to feel more worthy of serving others and to earn as much money as possible from my gifts and talents. So I changed my business model to enable me have more impact. I understood that many people like me are suffering from not being able to make a living from their gifts and talents because the society does not recognise their potential.
I created this program for people like you who are suffering in their flesh of not fitting into the mold that the society has built. I named the program Powercreator because it has the system, the team, the vision, the Mindset and the skills to guide you towards your financial abundance even if you have never sold programs online for more than 15,000 € in your coaching or consulting service.
I'm not asking you to believe me, I just want you to tell yourself it is possible and necessary for you to have a happy and abundant life.
The good news is that this will not be your story because you will have me and my team to guide you all the way ...
To take a leap in a way that serves you and supports your whole being, you must be clear before you start the journey

The Powercreator program is for you if:

If you shake your head vigorously "yes" and are willing to spend quality time with great thinkers, risk takers and witty opinion leaders, and at the same time deepen your connection with God without being tied to a religion and strengthen your faith ...

Welcome home It's different here .......


Access the proven formula to grow your business with a community of high performing, like-minded, service-oriented entrepreneurs who are incredibly focused on creating innovative concepts to transform the world.

I know you, I know what you're going through right now

You are prisoner of your company.
You don't feel worthy of starting a business that brings you financial freedom using your gifts and talents..
You are under a lot of stress because you have to deal with professional and personal demands.
Sometimes you are anxious and the future scares you.
You  have very little time for your family. I thought it was normal to suffer, run around, and work slavishly to earn an income that would enable me to live the life of my dreams. One day i had a click and everything changed, I realised that I was not aligned with my inner nature, my spirit, and my essence on this earth.
I  wanted to do like everyone else, I did not dare to follow my own path, to fulfill my true destiny on earth.
So  I preferred to sell the same products as the competition at a lower price, which lead me to a bitter failure where I lost everything. I almost ended up on the streets with my kids.
I  couldn't predict what happened to me later because the hard work I did put me in cage and couldn't guarantee me success. But the worst happened: my bank account was empty!
I  remember that day, when I cried in front of the Pontoise Canal  because my mom refused to lend me money to help me invest in my business.
Then  I wiped the tears from my face, I vowed never to fall back into this situation again;  I made a promise to myself: to understand the money attraction and teach it to the whole world.

You don't think people will pay you according to your true value.

Do you think to make more money you have to work hard in your business?
  Listen to this ....

More than likely, you are always charging your time and not the value and transferable result that you are really offering, and this is the reason why you are  overflown, overworked  and  outworn  by your clients! 
Seriously, if you're doing your job and imagining that clients can't take your services because your prices are high, you're wrong.
  Your job is to provide  incredible value  and  transferable profit  by giving them an  offer they can't refuse FULL STOP


The fact that you firmly hold on to this belief is the reason why you are unable to make 250k € in your business. This is your bottleneck and it prevents you from undertaking an activity that serves you financially and spiritually.

When I started earning an income that enabled me to pay all of my expenses, I didn't know that looking for so many clients was going to exhaust me to the point of getting sick.
You probably understand what I'm saying, when you work with the energies of others, it can be challenging at times. Having multiple clients in one to one sessions, was no longer a good deal. I realised that my business model did not allow me to have the impact I want to have on this earth. I didn't have the right systems, the team, the mission, the vision, the financial management system. I was doing everything, I was not working exclusively in my area of genius. I was doing frustrating and annoying tasks that took me lot of time to set up. It’s as if the saying "more money more problems" was true.
I started to believe it for a while before I realised it was completely limiting my income.
Today I can tell you with certainty that the adage "More money, more problems" is not true.
You can only believe it to be true in your life if you don't have the right mentor, and don't master the keys that I will share with you in depth in my private training. The good news is, this is not going to be your concern because you will have me and my team to guide you all the way ...
To take the leap in a way that serves and supports you and your whole being, you must be clear before starting the journey.


Admission to the Mastermind is only on request and on a private training exam.

Stop playing in the baby yard because you can't live the abundant life God promised you with the income you have today.

As a member of this powerful community, you can grow your business 50-600% over the next 12 months. You will gain constant access to the LCU Coaching Team, insightful strategy, implementation support, a profound change in your mindset, spiritual guidance and support which is an integral part of our program. Let's face it, you can have clients quickly by accident and then stagnate ...
Yes I thought making € 5,000 and € 10,000 a month was a good deal, until I realised it was a poor business, too much work. But the truth is, deep down I underestimated myself. I thought I couldn't earn that amount. I thought it must be too hard, that customers would ask too much from me in return if I increased my prices. I was really afraid to dare to be who I am in broad daylight. The worst part was that I knew I had to increase my rates, that my offers were worth more but I was still afraid. I was afraid to receive, I did not know how to receive.
The main problem, when we have not grown up in a prosperous environment, we find it hard to imagine this likely possibility for us. But the imagination creates everything you know?
Are you telling yourself that this is definitely Marketing, I'm telling you no, no, no.
You know deep inside you that this reality is possible and that you just have to accept it and take the step
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you'd rather give to the customers than sell them your service for the price you really deserve?
It’s as if I’ve been told all my life that money is difficult and that I cannot ask for this amount in return for my precious services, yet I was changing lives.
It was by daring to take the step that everything really changed for me. Now, I am committed to helping others do the same - in less time than it took me.
You see, I realized that the 1/4 million key is focused on four powerful things and today, through my Masters, I'm leading my clients step by step through the PowerCreator University Program.

Introduction to the Powercreator™ programme

The powercreator program is all about reconnecting the spiritual being that you are with your strategy, sales infrastructure and systems as you build your team.
The PowerCreator program is not for everyone ...
It offers the opportunity to entrepreneurs determined to develop their potential for prosperity based primarily on the cosmic laws of Manifestation
Thanks to the PowerCreator System, you will discover how to reconnect with your true Divine Essence to manifest abundance in your business and to realize yourself fully. It will completely change all aspects of your life: couple, family, human relationship, health, spirituality.

The PowerCreator Program is the start of something amazing, it really is the answer to your intention to grow your business - Over the 12 months you will deepen your connection with God, and create the assets of a business that makes a million. You will be guided by a team of experts to create:

01- Asset

PowerCreator Millionaire offer ™

02- Asset

PowerCreator Millionaire Message ™


PowerCreator Millionaire sales™


PowerCreator Millionaire Secret Formula ™


PowerCreator Millionaire Systems ™

This is what is included in the PowerCreator ™ Mastermind program


One every month.



For all your business and personal issues. my belief that there is no line between business and your love life. It is all linked.


To uncover all your limiting beliefs with money so that you can create and attract unlimited abundance. During this class we work with your very advanced high technology tools to change your vibration rate.

On a subject that will allow you to grow your business with consistency.

Clear, fresh energy helps you quickly align with the vibration of your desire.

To understand your life path and have clarity on the role of your mission on earth.

To assess your motor and hearing skills, how your brain reacts

All the modules to create the business of your dreams are here.

A question, we will answer you by email because we do not want to make your results wait

All sales pages, screenshots, webinars we give a review on it to ensure maximum success.


Just to fill in the empty boxes, everything is already done for you here.

Imagine what your life will be ...

Imagine your shoulders light, the pressure falling off because you can buy a car or a house for your parents, take a vacation at the beach while your business runs.

All of this is not only possible, it is likely to happen, when you invest in yourself through PowerCreator ™ Mastermind.


This program is by selection only, do you recognize yourself here?

About Adeline Nintidem

Adeline is Shaman, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs manifest a life of abundance by helping them heal wounds in their souls and genealogical families.
CEO of Legacy Creators LTD, a company that helps entrepreneurs grow their business holistically.
Adeline is the creator of the PowerCreator ™ method which is a system that helps service entrepreneurs and support professionals to deepen the connection with their spirituality to multiply the results of their business. This base allows them to use their unique donations to create more than 100,000 € in their business through the sale of high-end online programs and the creation of strategic high-tech systems.
She is also Author of the book La freedom to shine which shows how every entrepreneur can create the Business of their dreams just by aligning with their life mission.
Adeline is Oracle certified for business, and masters energy medicine.
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